INKA POWDER was born with the intention of sharing Peruvian superfoods to the world because we are aware that our land has one of the greatest biodiversity on the planet, thanks to its climatic and geographical conditions that allow farmers to grow very varied and authentic products with great nutritional properties, which should be used sustainably to promote a positive change in nature. From Peru, we want to help you to be in touch with nature, offering you a variety of natural products (Cacao Powder, Aguaje, Sacha Inchi, Arandano Powder, Inka Powder…) that are carefully selected. Our responsibility will always be to help you maintain your quality of life.


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We are a multicultural and environmentally friendly company aware of the mega diversity and richness of the food heritage of our Peruvian region, and committed to our customers by providing products with the highest quality standards.

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To be the company that promotes the consumption of healthy and sustainable superfoods of the highest quality to the international market.

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To achieve our goals we offer selected high quality products, and an incredible customer service, with which you can achieve a transformative effect on your diet and health achieving your well-being.